The sunset over the Hudson steps from Spruce Street Harbor 

The sunset over the Hudson steps from Spruce Street Harbor 

There’s more to Philly than visiting the Liberty Bell and running up the museum stairs like Rocky. There’s a thriving art scene with amazing new restaurants constantly opening. Just an hour and a half southwest of NYC on NJ Transit ($30 round trip), Philadelphia is the perfect weekend getaway. It’s a smaller, cleaner and cheaper version of NYC. (It’s also where the Prince of Bel Air was “born and raised.”)

Eat lunch at Tria Cafe – one of my favorite places for bruschetta and figs and prosciutto and all types of little appetizers! It feels like you’ve sat down at a café in Europe –one of those places where the honey is as good as the cheese. It’s a cheaper version of NYC’s Eataly (and there are three locations!). The waiter said, “I overheard you talking about the honey and I totally understand it’s so good!” Order your favorite type of cheese (which comes with honey) and order this, (thank me later): “Warm Poached Black Mission Figs with Gorgonzola and Prosciutto di Parma $6.”

Tria Cafe Jens Bucket List Philadelphia

Take a walk through the fun and colorful Gayborhood! I admittedly made my friend take a ton of photos of me walking across the awesome rainbow crosswalks.

Spend the night at Spruce Street Harbor Park, a pop-up park for the summer, one of my new favorite parks ever! It has everything you need: food, ice cream, games, music, a great view along with a sick light show and sometimes even fireworks!

Spruce Street Harbor Philadelphia Jens Bucket List

BAM! Get brunch at the new restaurant Brick And Mortar or B&M. One thing I love about it is the subtle “Princess Bride” movie themed menu. I had the Inigo Montoya (Gin, fresh OJ, Orange blossom water, Crème Faiche, toasted Cardomom and Egg white) and my friend had the “Dread Pirate Wesley” (White rums, fresh lime juice and Bam blueberry Tea Syrup).

Brick and Mortar Brunch Philadelphia Jens Bucket List


The chic industrial decorations and exposed ceilings with hints of graffiti are calling to be instagrammed. Though there are not many options for brunch, you cannot be disappointed with the ricotta pancakes ($10) or the Pork Belly Benedict($13). They also have Oyster shots (Hand shucked oyster, Sake, Bloody Mix, Mirin) all in a shot glass – if you’re into that.

Brick and Mortar brunch Philadelphia Jens Bucket List

Oh and did I mention everyone who works there is super friendly? If you want to start up a philosophical conversation over great food, talk to William, our waiter said this, “Refuse to narrate, refuse to become a character in your own story, author your story, dictate your future!”

Brick and Mortar Philadelphia Jens Bucket List

Brick and Mortar Philadelphia Jen's Bucket list
Brick and Mortar Philadelphia Jen's Bucket list

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