Yosemite National Park Tunnel View Jen's Bucket List

1.     Perspective: “Tunnel view” makes you feel small and humble and you realize how much world there is out there to see.

2.     Hiking: Challenge yourself and your body to really sweat but be rewarded not by calories on an elliptical but by views of waterfalls you can only see by foot.

Yosemite National Park light through trees Jen's Bucket List

3.     Light: Things are just clearer, no buildings to hide the sun, you see the light everywhere, through the trees.

Yosemite National Park Hikers Hiking Jen's Bucket List

4.     Connect: Disconnect from technology (because your phone doesn’t really work) and have conversations with friends new and old in person.

Yosemite National Park reflections brook Jen's Bucket List

5.     Reflect: It’s so quiet you can actually hear yourself think. 

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