Fun Facts Sydney Opera House
  1. All the “sails” or roofs if put together create a perfect sphere, which the architect devised while eating an orange. 
  2. In 1956, Jørn Utzon’s design was rejected by the first three judges but picked by the fourth judge to win the competition, which had 233 total designs.
  3. The architectural style is called Expressionist Modernism, which utilizes new materials.
  4. The opera house cost was estimated at 7 million, but the final cost was $102 million
  5. The foundation is believed to be the biggest column free chamber in the world.
  6. The Grand Organ is the largest mechanical organ in the world, with 10,154 pipes.
  7. The highest roof reaches 67 meters above sea level or 22 stories high. 
  8. It is one of the only buildings that has an opera written about it “The Eighth Wonder” as it’s considered the eighth wonder of the world. 

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