So what's on the list? Here's what made the cut so far! My goal is to complete all 100 items of my list. Submit your ideas at the bottom of this list! 


1.     Climb the Pyramids in Egypt

2.     Swim with penguins in South Africa

3.     Ride in a hot air balloon

4.     Hug a kangaroo in Australia

5.     Run a Marathon

6.     Celebrate the full moon in Thailand

7.     See the Northern Lights

8.     Swim with Whale Sharks

9.     Drive an old car in Cuba

10. Zipline in Costa Rica

11. Visit the Taj Mahal

12. Sword fight in the Roman Coliseum

13. Bet on black 13 in Vegas

14. Climb a Mayan Temple in Mexico

15. Row a Gondola in Venice

16. Light a candle at Petra, Jordan

17. Kayak in Antarctica

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